It all started many years ago when I first began  
searching for my own Spirituality. Synchronicity of
information began to unfold right in front of
Pleiadian and Angelic Communications
me, and in my meditations, I would see this wonderful white light being, dressed
in what I perceive to be, a long white robe. He is very tall with small features
and large round eyes the color of silvery royal blue. It took another seven years
to realize that this being, my guide, and had been with me all of this time.  He
was not of the world that I was familiar with, so what came next was...
Denial, Denial, Denial!! I was a little frightened to think that an Alien was
my Spirit Guide! How do Aliens fit into spirituality? That question I
pondered for a very along time. The information that first came my way, were
in forms of books that literally fell off the top of shelves in bookstores and opened
to what answers I needed. You talk about synchronicity! These books were the
P'taah tapes channeled by Jani King. It still took years to accept this Being
and believe me, his job as my Guide has been challenged many times.... And still
refered to him as the P'taah Energy (Pleiadian) only because I have never
asked for his name. I finally did today, Feb. 9th 2006......His NAME IS....
My belief of Angels is also very strong, for I feel them, work with them in
healing and I just know they are a part of my life as well. I know that we are
all connected with all realms of this wonderful multi-dimensional Universe, for
we are all connected to the one source...