"I stand with my arms outreached - reaching into the very crevices of all of the areas where there are
pockets of mistrust, hate, pain, anger, and all manner of desecration of the Light of God - righteously and
unrighteously held. And I say righteously, beloved ones, for there are those who feel that they have been
wronged, and that they have every justification for holding on to that wrong. But I tell you that it is not so.
And it is not the way of the Lightbearer. For the Lightbearer must engender Light. There must be the
reflection of the Light of your God Presence in all of your activities. And if it is not present, you will find
that there are all manner of human conditions that will creep into your conversation, your feeling world,
and your actions.

"It is a vigilance that must be guarded, and you must hold fast to the Light. For if you do not, and in an
unguarded hour there are times when there is a riptide, or a thoughtform, or all manner of energies that
are not your own - they will slip in and pretend to be your own. And before you know it, you will have
acquired new thinking, new perceptions. If those thinkings and perceptions are not in accordance with the
Heart, are not in alignment with the release of Light within your world, then you must saturate the Violet
Flame through each cognized thought, each concept, each erg of energy, transmuting on the instant all
that would stand to distort your vision, to distort the Image of Christ in Action.

"The Karmic Board has decided to release a sufficient amount of the Violet Flame, as Mercy's Ray, over
all of those Lightbearers upon this planet - all of those who have felt justified in retreating into what they
felt was a place of safety, but in reality it is devoid of Life. Yes, beloved ones, where God is absent,
there is no Life. And those areas of so-called protection will only bring a later date, a pushing back of the
time cycles for that lifestream to come back into the Oneness with their own God Presence.

"As this Violet Flame is released across the planet, It is directed into the thoughtforms of all of the
miscreation that each of these precious ones are tied into. It is designed to dissolve, consume, and totally
transmute the cause, effect, record, and memory of all that would be present. For I tell you, beloved
ones, as long as there are mega-thoughtforms that you reinforce with your negative concepts, you will be
tied in to the fullness of the negative outpicturing of the astral plane.

"The Brotherhood has sent forth embodied Messengers to proclaim the Reality of your God Divinity. We
did not send forth those crying out in the land of doom and gloom and cataclysm. For beloved hearts, if
you are in the Oneness with your God Flame, through the Holy Christ Self and your God Presence, there
is no doom and gloom; there is no lack of abundance; there are no scars. For in the fullness of the Light
of God, all is well.

"As I sit upon the Karmic Board, I AM called upon to look at the lifestreams on a regular basis who are
the forerunners of the Brotherhood's Work upon the planet - and there is a continual review. It is not
outside our gaze. We do not wait for a cataclysm to review all of the records. For very clearly, there is a
pulse. There is a guidepost that must be maintained. There are those who think that We have not seen -
that perhaps We have been too far away to be aware of all the comings and goings, all of the negativity,
all of the hurt.

"I would address this from My Office in the Karmic Board. For the true student on the Path of the
Ascended Masters must realize that there comes a time when they have to stand in their own Light. This
is not a path of training that you lean on your neighbor. This is a Path that is very individual. Coming
together in Community in groups allows for the reinforcement. It allows for the reminding of the gentle
reminders of the Immaculate Concept for each - but it is none the less an individual Path. And many times
you will feel very much alone - separated and apart, as though no one understands what you are going
through - until out of the clear blue someone walks up and says: 'Oh I recognize how you feel. Let me tell
you a story.' And at the end of that story you realize that there is the Opportunity to move through that
circumstance and that Initiation. For yes, someone has walked the same Path.

"This is why the Ascended Masters are ready to assist each of you. They know the steps that you take.
They know the Path, for They have walked it. I know the pain. I know the uncomfortability, but I also
know the Joy! And because I know the Joy in the Fullness of God, I will not leave you comfortless. I will
not leave you without My Flame.

"If you are in need of any surcease in the battle, if there is a step on the Path that seems too difficult to
take - but none the less you find you are forced into that situation, call to Me. I will not turn away. I cannot
by Law, for I vowed to stay with you.

"There must first be the transmutation of all of the negative thoughtforms that are hovering over this entire
area and over the entire planet - as a weight and a burden on the Lightbearers - not allowing them to feel
the Love of God, not allowing them to even feel Mercy's Flame when extended. The Violet Flame Angels
will be coming to each and every lifestream who has a Threefold Flame. It matters not if they know of the
Ascended Masters. It matters not if they know of Kuan Yin or the Karmic Board. For each of these
lifestreams is deserving of Mercy's Flame - for the encroachment upon their heart and upon their lives by
the mega-force of this thoughtform.

"I tell you, beloved ones, it is absolutely essential for you to direct your Violet Flame calls throughout this
planet so that each of the lifestreams that are ready for an awakening of consciousness - who are ready
to receive the outer understanding of the Violet Flame - have the Opportunity to feel It, to know It, and
then to become It.

"Your work, and the Work of the Ages, is to Keep the Flame and the Vigil on the Altar of your Heart for
those who are yet to be awakened. It is a responsibility that you vowed at inner levels to take on. Those
in Ascended Master Activities particularly knew exactly the Mission and the Goal. Yes many even knew
the anguish and the turmoils that they would be caught up in. But I tell you - how better to prepare for a
Golden Age than to see what not to do?

"When the energies of disregard of the Holy Christ Self in each of your brothers and sisters is allowed to
run rampant, there is a corresponding reaction. And that, beloved ones, comes about in the shutting down
of the Heart - the guarding it so tightly that no one will ever touch it again. This is a great pain to the Heart
of the Ascended Masters.

"For those lifestreams who would like to cry the loudest that they have been hurt lost sight of the Goal,
lost sight of the Mission. For the Mission was not to be caught up in any form of idolatry. The Mission
was, and still is, the Ascension in the Light!..."

August 29, 1998
Bozeman, Montana, U.S.A.
Carolyn L. Shearer, Anointed Representative®
The Temple of The Presence
Beloved Kwan Yin

"...There are those in the land who do not feel the Love of God. They do not
feel the love of their brother and sister. For they have decided that, because of
the hurt, because of the distrust, because of the lack of faith, they must seal
themselves in a cocoon that is impenetrable - that no force will touch the heart
"There are those who talk loudly, and many times those who talk the loudest are the
most hurt. And We recognize that it is a part of the process for them to release all that is
pent, all that is guarded, all that is denied within their being. If these lifestreams are to
feel the Love of God, if they are to feel the honor and the respect that you afford them,
there must be a process of healing. There must be a process of wholeness.