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Unbelievable phenomenal thought raced thru my head at a speed that
was hard to harness. Had to call B,J. then stopped to meditate with very
little results. I did conclude that we are here for higher purpose than I had
originally thought. The whole idea of being one with everything and
everyone, is one of my beliefs, even at most times it’s still hard to fathom.
But what came racing thru my head was even more of an outrage to most
people’s beliefs, even the so called enlightened ones. We may be time
travelers from well into the future where we are all one conscious mind.
The part about all being the spark of God which makes us God is
something I believe. We create for ourselves all the time. But I never
thought that I was here to do over again, on such a larger scale, to change
the history of our universe and to bring ourselves to that place of evolution
at a faster rate. To understand how we got to where we were and to
remember how we evolved to pure love in the first place. This has been
going on for millions and millions of years in our linear time, not so long as
far as the universe is concerned. I’m still in Awe of the whole thing and not
able to verbalize what I truly feel. There are no words of expression for this
I do now know for sure that we are all connected, we are of one mind, one
spirit and we are only here to remember how we got to where we were. I
feel this... I feel it to my core, but...so deep and impossible to express.
Revelation Sept. 20th 2010