I  had a revelation today Nov, 30th 2005.
By Wanda Winters

I have done a lot of reading about the different forces
of our world, both negative and positive. The negative
forces have been taking away our power and our
knowledge of who we really are for thousands of
years.  The fear factor that they present, keeps us just
where they want us. The Illuminati
s of the world,
Annunaki, our governments, (which is all the same) are
involved in this control over the people of this Earth.  
Where there is fear, there is control.  The only way
we can have control of our own power is to not
believe the fear they throw at us. The positive forces
are trying to teach us not fear and just be in a state of
love, and not give them the ammunition they need for
control. We need to be aware of the illusion we are
living and find the real truth of what really is.  
When I began my quest for the truth, it literally
scared the heck of me.  It just confused me even more
because it interfered with my own  spiritual growth
and just didn
t seem to fit in. I took some time off for
a long while to not think about it anymore, and  began
to use the method of thinking outside the box. This
helped me tremendously and the pieces slowly began to
fit. The puzzle isn
t completed yet and may never be in
this life time.   In conclusion with my quest,
everything that I believe doesn
t just come from books,
web sites or other people
s beliefs, but from my own
intuition and the deep seeded feeling I get when I
hear, read, or channel information.  Channeled
information seems to be the most reliable. Some of it is
so far-fetched that it seems impossible to be true.  But
then again, don
t forget history.  History is so filled
with far-fetched impossibilities that are no longer far-
fetched or impossible. Just remember one thing, we are
the creators of own reality and so are they. The only
way we can fight this is to be aware and not to fall
into their fear tactics and to stay in the state of love....
We do have a tremendous amount wonderful light
beings that are headed our way (they are already here)
to help us with the shifting of Earth and human
consciousness which now is occurring.  But, for them
to be known would throw panic into society because of
all the fear that has already been generated through
movies, books, UFO abductions, etc. UFO
s are
here! Some are malevolent, (they have made contact)
and some are benevolent which have not made contact,
(publicly) for fears mentioned. Just know that our
Angels may come in many different forms but their sole
(soul) purpose is to bring us to our highest state.  The
negative forces know what
s going on and want to keep
their reign on Earth.  Just imagine, if everyone was
in their highest state of love, there would be no fear
and the negative forces would not exist!!   Earth and
human transition would certainly go a lot easier.
In conclusion, do not fear anything you hear or see.  
t be a negative activist against anything around
you (being negative about the negative).  Hate, anger,
envy, jealousy is fuel for them. Stay in God
s loving
light without judgement  and remember... You are the
creator, so go and....
CREATE.... Our heaven on earth.