Nov. 17, 2005    
Synchronicity between the Mind & the Body
   By Wanda Winters

 The most powerful tool we have is our minds.  It regulates everything about us
If we think badly of ourselves, our bodies, our energy around us and people will
react to our thoughts.  If we think good of ourselves, we and everything around
us reacts to that also.  
The mind also uses the body to protect itself from feelings of displeasure.  For
example: becoming unattractive to protect yourself from being hurt by men or
women, either through love or through a particular trauma. Also, you may have
been, unknowingly pre-programmed earlier in your life by family or loved ones.
Furthermore, our minds tell our body what to do. So remember this, the next time
you say “If I eat that, I am going to gain weight”...well guess what? You will!  You
have just programmed your body to do so.
The body does respond and tells the mind, enough is enough! But sometimes
the mind doesn’t listen because of the pre-programming.  So the answer here is
to re-program our minds to be in sync with our bodies.  Be physically and
spiritually aware of what is transpiring between the mind and body.  Know that
cravings may be a part of what the body is lacking.  There may be something in
the food that the body needs, such as vitamins, minerals, etc. But on the other
hand, additives such as sugar and glutamates will cause cravings also.  
Glutamates are listed under many different names and some form of sugar is in
almost everything.  So, before you give into the craving, ask body to take what it
needs and listen to when it first tells you....... THAT’S ENOUGH!! And don’t let
your mind override it! Your mind is like a computer.  It stores the information you
give it and then when needed, acts upon it. The only thing is easier to re-
program a computer (which still takes time) then it is
to re-program your mind. It’s like trying to teach an old dog a new is too
comfortable to be where it’s at and, to lazy to change.

The first step of healing is loving yourself and realizing that any experience you
have had will only make you stronger not weaker.  That is a journey in itself and it
takes time to master, but once accomplished, there isn’t anything you can’t do.  
Once you have mastered (in a positive way)  how you feel about yourself;
knowing you are a beautiful creation of God and you are perfect in every way,
then let your mind tell the body to take what it needs and eliminate what it doesn’t be flushed out, without residue.  

We are becoming more and more aware of what is in our food, how our food is
processed, and what’s good or bad for us. All of this can be very confusing.  
Once we realize what the communication is between the mind and the body,
eventually the outcome will be a healthier body, mind & spirit.  
                                        * Always contain MSG

Other names for glutamates or MSG
Anything enzyme modified       *Flavoring Gelatin                        *Glutamate
Anything fermented                   *Hydrolyzed oat flour                   *Glutamic Acid
Anything protein fortified          *Hydrolyzed plant protein             citric acid
Anything ultra-pasteurized       * Hydrolyzed vegetable protein   
*Autolyzed yeast                          Malt extract                     
Barley malt                                 Maltodextrin
Broth                                           Natural flavors (or natural flavoring)
Bouillon                                      Pectin
*Calcium caseinate                       Plant protein extract       *monosodium glutamate
Carrageenan                                Potassium glutamate        *monopotassium glutamate
*Sodium caseinate                        Stock                     
Soy protein                                 *Textured protein
Soy sauce                                    Whey protein                      corn starch
*Yeast extract                              *Yeast food                      *yeast nutrient
 Any syrup (especially corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup) and any word ending
OSE is sugar.