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Classes by Wanda Winters
This Website is under construction. We will
be updating information regularly.
Thank you for your patience

Whether you are looking for
Alternative Complimentary Holistic
Work, Psychic Services or learning
to build and work with Labyrinths,
Wanda Winters and B.J. Mosher
are here to offer their services to
assist you on your Journey.
Wanda Winters
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              Getting in Touch With The Angels
               of the Energy Field  
Wanda Winters is offering a one day class to put you in touch with
the Angels of the Energy Field. Meet and work with
Ariel, Raphael,
Gabriel, Celestina, Faith, Cassiel, Daniel, Sarah, and Michael.

No prior Angel experience needed!
* Learn to heartlink with your Angels
* See how these special Angels can help you
In your self-healing spiritual journey
*Add a spiritual dimension to your existing practice

Receive a copy of the special workbook “The Healing Angels of the
Energy Field” by Steven J Thayer, which identifies the Healing Angel
and its healing gift for each energy anatomy area.

Host a class of 6 or better and receive free tuition

Classes begin @ 10am - 5pm
We will take several breaks throughout the day and an
hour for lunch, so feel free to bring your lunch or dine out.

Come Join the Fun!!
$95/person including Special Angel Cards

Contact Wanda
-2640 or wanda_bodymindspirit@yahoo.com
Integrated Energy Therapy
Taught by Wanda Winters

For the past 20 years, I have been working
with  the divine healing energy.  IET was
introduced to me 15 years ago and I have
used it in my practice ever since. I have
found that tapping into the Angelic realm has
brought me to a higher vibration that  
assists me not only with healing sessions,  
but also with my own spiritual path.    
In the tradition of Caroline Myss’s Energy Anatomy, IET is one of
the next generation hands-on power energy therapy systems
that get the issues out of your tissues for good.
Our IET training classes are each powerful days of self-healing
and energy therapy certification training. In each class, you will
be attuned to a powerful angelic energy ray that activates your
12-strand Spiritual DNA. You will then learn how to heartlink to
the energy of your angels and use their energy for healing. You
will learn how each primary human emotion is correlated to a
specific physical region of the body, as well as how to use the
IET integration power points to clear them. Fully illustrated
training guide and certificate provided with each class.
No prior energy therapy experience needed. You can be an
energy intuitive, and through these IET classes, you will be
taught how to feel and interpret energy flow, clear energy
patterns in yourself and others and unlock your souls purpose.
                Click here for IET Levels                     
For More Information
Contact Wanda - Phone: (315) 686-2640
Email:  wanda_bodymindspirit@yahoo.com
                                                   Spiritual Awareness classes
                                                     (Meditation Made Simple)





These classes are perfect for those who
have a difficult time focusing during
meditation.   I take you step by step into
several simple mini guided meditations
with each one becoming more intricate.
     In the first class, you will learn the techniques of:
Breathing        Focusing         Visualization        Stress Relief
            Confronting a person or issue through meditation
                                   Healing meditation
                             The second class offers deeper meditations of:
                   Getting in touch with the higher self
                   Overcoming blockages of limited thoughts
                   Being transparent (allowing negativity to flow
                            through without affecting you)
                   Unconditional love for self and others
                   Universal Meditation (Healing of our planet and her
                       inhabitants through our transitional phase
                       Each class is approximately 4-5 hrs.
                                 $50 each the first class
                                 $90 for both classes

                 Contact Wanda 315-686-2640 for arrangements
      Anyone who hosts classes with 6 other people or better will
                                   Receive theirs for free.