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Classes and Lectures
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be updating information regularly.
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Feburary 16 - April 16
Eleuthera, Bahamas
Classes On The Beach
with B.J. Mosher
Meditation and Labyrinth Classes

Please e-mail B.J. for classes, dates and times

Whether you are looking for
Alternative Complimentary Holistic
Work, Psychic Services or learning
to build and work with Labyrinths,
Wanda Winters and B.J. Mosher
are here to offer their services to
assist you on your Journey.
Wanda Winters
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           May 7th 9:30am – 5:30pm
           Getting in Touch With The Angels
           of the Energy Field  
 The Edge Hotel
        3952 Rt. 12
       West Turin, NY

Wanda Winters is offering a one day class to put you in touch with the
Angels of the Energy Field. Meet and work with
Ariel, Raphael, Gabriel,
Celestina, Faith, Cassiel, Daniel, Sarah, and Michael.

No prior Angel experience needed!

* Learn to heartlink with your Angels
* See how these special Angels can help you
In your self-healing spiritual journey
*Add a spiritual dimension to your existing practice

Receive a copy of the special workbook “The Healing Angels of the
Energy Field” by Steven J Thayer, which identifies the Healing Angel
and its healing gift for each energy anatomy area.

We will take several breaks throughout the day and an
hour for lunch, so feel free to bring your lunch or dine out.

Come Join the Fun!!

$95/person including Special Angel Cards
* Pre-registration & deposit required by April 28 *

Contact Wanda
-2640 or wanda_bodymindspirit@yahoo.com
Contact Lori @ 315-324-5032 or e-mail:  thisllyn58@gmail.com