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On being appointed to
The Edgar Cayce Panel of Professional Psychics:

Sarina’s high accuracy rate allowed her to succeed in passing
the International Psychic Audition for the Edgar Cayce Panel of
Professional Psychics.

Few psychics succeed in meeting the high standards allotted to this
International Audition at the Edgar Cayce Association for Research
and Enlightenment (ARE).
The Edgar Cayce Panel only accepts psychics with an accuracy rate
of over 90%. This result was confirmed twice, by independent Edgar
Cayce ARE experts.  

Sarina’s extraordinary psychic gifts offer you insight, clarity, guidance,
direction, inspiration and confirmation on your past, present and future.

Sarina is the Recipient of the Edgar Cayce Legacy for Excellence in the
Psychic Development of the Soul.
She continues her over 20 years of study
through Edgar Cayce’s ARE.

Sarina also studies with these highly recognized Psychics:
James Van Praagh, John Holland, Carolyn Myss and Dr. Norman Sheally.

Sarina is a Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapist, Ordained Minister,
Master Light Worker, Author and Teacher.

Benefits of Readings: Clarity, Insight, Guidance, Direction, Confirmation and

“I started doing Readings when I was three, at the early morning table,
sitting on my grandmother’s lap. After the Readings, we would talk
about our dreams and so my training began.”      - Sarina

Sarina is a 4th generation Psychic.

For Readings, Parties & Events or more information
please contact Sarina:

(315) 706-6924


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♥ “She’s very accurate - that’s why I keep coming back!”  
                                                             - Marianne

♥ “Sarina’s readings are insightful, accurate & informative.   
She’s a gifted intuitive. I highly recommend her!”   
                                                             - Karen

♥ “Everything I was offered by Sarina has been floating
within my inner self for about 6 months!”  - Eleanor

♥ “You are an amazing Psychic who can actually call
herself a Psychic, and full of talent. Your Readings
and the way you talk to your customers in ways that   
they understand is a true talent.           -  Amanda

♥ “Your Reading yesterday is changing my life. Thank you
for your generous, sensitive and thoughtful Reading.”
                                                                  -  Karen N.

♥ “Very inspiring and real.”  -  Barb

♥ “Right on the money! I’ll be back.”  -  Bill

♥ “Very insightful. I really enjoyed the reading.”  -  Kimberly

♥ “Excellent!”  -  Nancy P.

♥ “She brought comfort and peace to me.”  -  Jean

♥ “Hit the nail right on the head! Awesome.”  -  Anonymous

♥ “Excellent insights!”  -  Julie

♥ “Thank you, you are a very enlightening individual.”
                                                                    -  Susan
SARINA, Oracle of Light
Clairvoyant Psychic Medium
(315) 706-6824
Uplifting ◊ Insightful ◊ Enlightening
Sarina Services:
Channeled Readings
Angel Messages
Spirit Guides
Past Life Retrieval
TV & Radio Interview
ON-AIR Readings
Lectures & Workshops
Fairs & Expos
Phone Readings
Parties & Events
Sarina’s Workshops:
♥ Working with Your Angels
♥ Chakras, Crystals & Colors
♥ Past Lives Revealed
♥ I Can See My Aura!
♥ The Akashic Records
♥ Soul Mandalas
♥ The Psychic Fire
♥ Your Animal Guides
♥ Spirit Guides Connect
♥ Psychic Development 1- 4